• The Code of Behaviour is a negotiated, living document which supports the entire school community. Students, Teachers, Year Heads, Student Council, Middle management, Deputy Principal, Principal, Parents, Ancillary Staff and Manager are key to ensuring the success of the Code of Behaviour.
  • The school community is encouraged to create an inclusive climate which encourages and reinforces good behaviour and to uphold the school’s high expectations for good behaviour.
  • Respect is the main principle underlying the Code and positive relationships of mutual respect and mutual support among students, staff and parents are expected.
  • Students are encouraged to take personal responsibility for their learning and behaviour.
  • The Hamilton High School community aims to participate in the development of each student into a mature, responsible and caring citizen, equipped with life skills and qualifications that will enable him to live a fulfilling and happy life. Students are encouraged to become lifelong, independent learners.
  • The Code of Behaviour will be reviewed at regular intervals.

Student Code of Behaviour

  1. Respect and courtesy should be shown to all members of the school community. Students must follow the directions of the teaching staff and management.
  2. Students should be punctual in attending all their classes.
  3. Students who are absent from school for any reason should present a written explanation from their parent/guardian to their Year Head immediately on their return in accordance with legislation.
  4. Students should present themselves suitably dressed for class and in such a manner that the health, safety and welfare of themselves and others are not at risk.
  5. Students should be attentive and co-operative in class and their behaviour in class must never prevent other students from learning and availing of instruction or a teacher from teaching.
  6. Students should respect and not damage, in any way, school premises, furniture, equipment, property of other students, etc. Any damage that is caused must be reported to the Year Head and paid for by the student(s) responsible. Students unlawfully in the school building or on the school premises may face prosecution.
  7. Students must not endanger the safety or health of themselves or others. Special care should be taken at break times, especially if students are involved in sporting activities. Incidents at break times must be reported to the teacher on supervision duty. Students should observe all instructions in respect of safety and health procedures in accordance with the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act, 2005. This includes fire drill and any other safety and health procedure.
  8. Mobile phones should be powered off at 9.00 a.m. before school and remain off until 3.20 p.m or 4.00 p.m. depending on the school finish time on that particular day. They may in exceptional circumstances, with the permission of the Principal, Deputy Principal or Year Head, be used to make necessary calls during lunchtime. Any confiscated phone may only be collected by a parent/guardian from a school office. In the case of an emergency, students may use the telephone in the main office with the permission of the Principal, Deputy Principal or Year Head.
  9. Mobile phones or any other piece(s) of equipment may not be used to photograph/video or to upload onto a website any student(s), teacher(s), management, ancillary staff or official visitors to the school. Students may not photograph/video or include on a website the school buildings (internal, external) and the school grounds without the permission of the school management authorities.
  10. Students should always use the footpaths, where available, when going to or coming from school.
  11. Students travelling to and from school and/or attending sporting, academic or social events in connection with the school should follow the school’s Code of Behaviour and always uphold the good name of the school.
  12. The Code of Behaviour applies to all students on school tours at home and abroad.
  13. Bullying is not tolerated; any form of cyber, verbal, physical, intimidation or homophobic bullying are not acceptable.
  14. Students may not leave the school premises, except during lunchtime, without the permission of the Year Head, Deputy Principal or Principal. Students must sign the logbook in the Deputy Principal’s office before leaving and on returning to school.
  15. Smoking is not permitted on or about the school premises in accordance with the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act.
  16. Foul language is not permitted at any time.
  17. Students are not permitted into classrooms other than their own without a teacher’s permission. Students must vacate the main school building at break times. On rainy days students will only be allowed in the main building with the permission of the supervising teacher.
  18. Students are not allowed go to the toilet during or between classes or to leave class without the teacher’s permission.
  19. Students are fully responsible for their own personal property in the school premises, e.g. books, school bags, sports equipment, mobile phones, etc.
  20. If a student is found in possession or under the influence of alcohol or in possession or under the influence of any illegal substance, he will be subject to disciplinary sanctions up to and including permanent exclusion