HHS 2020

A Chara,

September 2020 will mark the eightieth anniversary of Hamilton High School. In honour of this significant milestone in the school’s history the newly created Hamilton High School History Hub in association with the History Department is undertaking an all-inclusive history research project titled HHS 2020 with the aim of amassing as much historical information as possible about the school, its patrons, staff, and of course its pupils past and present.
We invite you to connect with any immediate and extended family members who may wish to contribute to this project. We are particularly interested in submissions along the following lines.

  1. A memory or story from past pupils of their experience in the school.
  2. Accounts of sporting, academic, or extra-curricular achievements.
  3. Any form of audio/visual material that a past pupil may wish to share with this project. (All still images will be scanned and returned to the donor. All film clips will be copied only with the donor’s consent and returned to the donor.
  4. Any booklets, copies, pamphlets, publications, or similar such material from a pupil’s time at the school.
  5. Newspaper/magazine/journal clippings.
  6. If a past pupil would like to be interviewed about his time at the school, he may indicate this in the accompanying section of this leaflet.

Our primary intention is to gather such material as is deemed appropriate which will then be catalogued in hard copy and digital format. Based on what we will have accumulated it is then our aim to produce an anniversary publication which would incorporate various elements from the submitted material. We also intend to exhibit a certain portion of our collected material and we hope to be in a position to better inform you about this as we progress. All material gathered or submitted will be subject to strict ethical considerations prior to being considered for publication or public display. In tandem with the above process, the History Hub and the History Department is currently involved in trawling newspaper archives and will also be engaging with present and past staff members who wish to contribute to this project.

Since first opening its doors in September 1940 Hamilton High School has made an invaluable contribution to the town of Bandon, to Cork, and indeed to the Irish State. Many of its past pupils have excelled in the fields of science, law, the humanities, politics, and of course sport to mention a few. The school’s significance to the heritage and history of Bandon is immeasurable. As the school approaches its eightieth anniversary it is fitting that we acknowledge and honour its role as an incubator for intellect and inspiration as well as an exemplar of education for many thousands of young minds from Bandon and its hinterland since 1940.

Le meas,

Eugene O’Brien (Principal )

Vincent O’Connell (History Department & History Hub)


If you wish to submit material to this project, please complete the form below and upload your submission or you may post material directly to The History Hub at Hamilton High School, Allen Square Bandon, Co. Cork, or you may send it in digital format to historyhub@gmail.com

If you wish to post original copies of any documents, please indicate if you wish for these to be returned. Images received will be scanned and returned unless you wish to offer them as a donation.

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